Moving from one location to the other could be made easy with the help of moving containers.The moving containers are served by the moving companies.There are different types of moving containers available based on the material they are made up of and the size. While selecting a moving container there are some factors to be considered like they must have good reputation, the container should offer proper construction to avoid theft, the items kept inside should not get damage due to the roughness of the wall. Many moving container companies does not offer the provision for packing and loading. You have to check before signing with them.Antiques are more valuable and once damaged or lost you cannot get them back, So moving antiques should be done in a careful manner.You can have a furniture cover to cover the antique while moving in order to avoid damage.The covers are available in different shapes and sizes to fit the antique needs.You can use bubble wraps for moving antiques that reduces the wreck during transportation.While loading the moving container make sure that the light weight antiques are placed on top of the heavy weight items.You can move in a green way by using used boxes from the grocers, look for reusable containers, use old newspapers instead of buying papers.When you finish your moving you can pass on the packing and moving items and use biodegradable items for packing. The movers helps in the complete migrating process.